Thursday, 24 November 2016


25 reserved seats - a national disaster waiting to happen.

Before the last Papua New Guinea election there was a strong push by UN lesbians for 25 reserved seats for women in parliament. The bill failed badly.

There was a perception that foreign lesbians were pushing to control parliament and the Department for Community Development with the portfolio of Minister.

Now the UNDP Assistant Resident Representative Julie Bukikun has told the media that women entering parliament face local obstacles including the opposition from men in parliament. Men are getting the blame again. Typical foreign lesbian strategy.

Ms Bukikun neglects to mention that there is low representation of women because women do not vote for women for a number of reasons. There is jealousy, the desire to push down successful women and lack of trust of women by women.

Reserved seats would be a national disaster as it would turn the balance towards power of women in negative ways. They would dominate the business of parliament with their power struggles.

There are unanswered questions. How are the women selected for the reserved seats? Which organizations would have the authority to select women? Would there be a national power struggle among women led by the lesbians of the United Nations?

Would Papua New Guinea come to be controlled by the lesbians of the United Nations in New York? Would the Department for Community Development be changed in focus towards gay and lesbian rights?

Would the 25 women be under the authority of the Speaker? Would they be given the same DSIP funding for projects in the electorate? Would they join a political party? 

Would these women be accountable to the electorate.? Would the DSIP funds be channelled to women's groups not to the electorate?

Can the women be sacked from the reserved seats? Would parliament witness the operation of musical reserved seats? Which organization would do the sacking? Would the UN have set up a lesbian power group to control the 25 seats?

The 25 seats in parliament are a national disaster waiting to happen.

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