Monday, 14 November 2016


We will not accept any news reports that refer to RESPONSIBILITIES of children. Children have only RIGHTS. We do not want children to be responsible to family. We want them free. 

We gave them the right of association in the UN Charter of Children's Rights. They have the right to associate with any person. Children belong to everyone. Children have the right to sex.

There is a competition sponsored by UNAIDS and UN Women for awards to journalists writing on gender and HIV/AIDS. 

Given that these organizations are gay. lesbian and paedophile, the journalists must take care on how they write. Positive Living is a dirty word.

Since UNAIDS and UN Women are anti-family and anti-faith, the journalists must not write in support of the family or faith. Any such news report will be rejected immediately.

There must be total focus on rights of women and abuse of women and girls. There must be no mention of the violence of women to men. This is totally unacceptable. 

There must be no report of a woman speaking of love for her husband, unless of course the husband is another woman.

Gender violence is to be taken as violence against women and girls. If journalists have no statistics they are allowed to make up their own. UN advisors do that all the time.

No report on faith will be accepted. Churches are the enemy. They are authoritarian and control women and girls like fathers.The father is the enemy too.

Only same sex marriage will be accepted. No report will be accepted on church marriage. This is not acceptable in modern society.

We hope that the winning news reports will be published for all to see. AIDS Holistics will survey all winning news reports.

No reports will be accepted on HIV/AIDS awareness. We are not interested. That is not part of the gay and lesbian agenda. Reports can be made on only condoms. Stigma and discrimination has to be blamed on family

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