Sunday, 20 November 2016


AIDS Holistics extends warm welcome to the Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls, Ms Natasha Stott Despoja.

Australians know her as the leader of the Australian Democrats, the youngest leader ever. I am sure that Australians were always impressed by her honest and forthright approach to issues.

Now Natasha is involved with the rights of women and girls. She has the support of the Papua New Guinea Government, care groups and all good men and women.

We support her in her focus on women and girls but ask that she frames her strategy in the context of FAMILY.

In traditional PNG culture, married men and women are addressed as one entity. "Go and ask the married couple". (tupela marit)

Now foreigners are here addressing men and women separately. There are hundreds and thousands of good married men and women in this country who should be addressed as the married couple as always. (tupela marit)

Good men must not be ignored and falsely blamed for violence and abuse. Their support is essential. As a father of two PNG daughters, I do not treat the campaign seriously if good men are excluded. It would be like Jews supporting a Nazi rally.

Most men protect their wives and daughters. It is the rogue foreigners who report otherwise for their own agenda.

Foreign lesbian activists need confrontation between men and women not respect and conciliation. They need war just as the Nazis needed war with the Jews.

It keeps the foreign activists in employment if ongoing war has been set up. They stay in the United Nations and Australian Foreign Affairs.

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