Thursday, 19 September 2013


The National 20 September 2013 Page 10

The President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville has strongly condemned a United Nations report that claims that more than 50% of Bougainville men admitted to raping women.
AIDS Holistics has already written on this blog pointing out the fake statistic track record of the UN lesbian grandmothers and their lesbian lovers. Please click:
Mr Momis pointed out that the report presented on 10 September in Thailand was a piece of flawed imperfect research without basis of foundation.
The report claims to have interviewed 10,000 men over 6 countries including PNG. That means that at the most 1800 men were interviewed on Bougainville. Perhaps Mr Momis could seek any man supposedly interviewed by the UN.
He could ask the name of the UN organization involved. He may well find that the statistics were put together by a group of lesbians in a coffee shop in downtown Sydney.

Shame Helen shame.

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