Monday, 30 September 2013


There is a strong misinformation campaign going on about Port Moresby street kids. It appears to have been generated through the United Nations and designed to justify an invasion of UN gays and lesbians to Port Moresby.

It is all grossly exaggerated. There are no hordes of starving kids in the capital. I could travel for 20 kilometers in this town between Boroko, Erima, Waigani and Gerehu and not see a street kid.  So even our report below on gangs of street boys is slightly exaggerated. The gangs consist of 3-4 boys.

There is an ongoing campaign of UN misinformation.

We are told that (1) all women are abused (2) 60% of PNG men rape (3) markets are places of violence (4) two women were gang raped at Gordons market last year (5) a police post has been set up in Gordons market as a result of the rapes (6) children are on the streets starving.

The fact is that markets are mainly peaceful places with no boozing of men and violence to women. This is the false information of UN Women. Problems arise at Gordons market at the bus stop outside the area.

There were no rapes in Gordons market as claimed by UN lesbians and debunked by the Minister of Police. There is no police post recently set up as declared in the media by the UN. It is false information to cover up the UN hoax on gang rapes.

The UN tricky ladies see child trafficking everywhere. Over the last year, they have told us of child slavery in Port Moresby. Children are seen to (1) chop wood (2) move furniture (3) sell DVDs (4) gather empty bottles and (5) direct traffic.

How silly. I used to work harder than that on the farm.

No child sells DVDs. Who is going to trust a small child with an armload of DVDs and a pocket full of K10 notes?

No child gathers empty bottles. This is the work carried out by men. They will even enter a food bar and ask patrons for their empty drink bottles.

See the fictional story on PNG Attitude about the small boy in Madang. He is said to be 7 years old but left Grade 2 in 2006. That would make him 14-15 years old. Please click:

Street child! Nakan of Madang town
No child chops firewood. Only men and women run the firewood sales sites.

Many children are basically lazy. Rather than sweat around the town, many rather beg or steal. Most do not want to go to school. That is why they are on the street. It is not their parents' fault. The kids are lazy bums.

So they stand outside Big Rooster Chicken and rub their belly when a kindly sucker goes by. If they do that all day, they will have bellies full of chicken and chips.

Recently I was at Stop and Shop Waigani to buy a sausage roll and Coca Cola. A small 9 year old boy was standing around the right angle of the counter looking at me as if he was about to die of starvation. I asked what he wanted in a harsh tone. I had seen him in operation before.

He moved off. I went to the dining area and he came later to sit some distance away with a Coca Cola in his hand, having given the dying of starvation look to some sucker.

I watched him. He drank the Coca Cola and then sat across from another likely sucker and gave her the dying look. What if he did that all day? Poor little street kid.

I have watched the 11 year old street bums on the walkway into downtown Steamships. They would beg until they had enough money for a Coca Cola and sausage or chips.

Then they would nip into the nearest food bar to dine. Then they would be back to beg more money from passing suckers. That was pre-mid morning lunch. They would have chicken for lunch.

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