Monday, 9 September 2013


The is a report on BBC that has a fake UN lesbian report written all over it. There were 10,000 men interviewed over Asia and almost one quarter admitted to rape at least once. Not true. They were set up. Please click:

BBC News - Almost a quarter of men admit to rape in parts of Asia

9 September 2013 Last updated at 23:59 ET By Tulip Mazumdar Global health
reporter Almost a quarter of men surveyed in a UN report looking at violence ...
There is so much about the report above that is fake. The basic ethics of surveys were ignored. Who were these men? What was their educational and occupational levels? Did they understand the purpose of the survey?
Men were surveyed from China, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and more. The questions were written. In what language were the questions written? Only recently BBC reported that over 40% of Chinese do not understand Mandarin.
The men answered the questions on a hand held computer. Were the buttons in the vernacular languages? The interviewer left the room while answers were being responded to.
The questions were complex and silly. One question was that a man had ever had sex with a woman who did not want sex. If yes, that was rape.
Another asked if they had sex with a woman who was too drunk or drugged to say yes or no. If yes, that was rape. Tell the men who have sex with women and girls in the highlands of PNG who are drunk out of their minds on homebrew.
All men know that a loving wife will occasionally say that she does not feel like making love. But if you want sex, I will lie quietly while you ejaculate in me, darling. The UN lesbians put that down as rape.
The UN lesbians are at it again. Six men out of ten in PNG admit to rape. Earlier this year, Medicins Sans Frontieres claimed that 60% of PNG men had confessed to gang rape. Liars.  The present report is fake. It is published to achieve the lesbian agenda.

This report has been invalidated by lesbian UN prejudice. The agenda is anti-man. There were 10,000 men interviewed across 6 Asian nations. There were less than 2000 the lesbian interviewers concluded had raped "at least once". These were not confessions but lesbian conclusions.

That means there were over 8000 men who may have been loving husbands. But the lesbians were not interested in them. The UN has lost credibility. They never talk of gay and lesbian domestic violence. Please click:

Domestic Violence In Gay Couples - PsychPage

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