Friday, 27 September 2013


The world gays and lesbians are combining to produce for every country a massive misinformation hoax. It is worse than the political hoax that accompanied the Cold War.
They want to have gays and lesbians, mainly lesbians take over the world political scene. They have put out a consistent message that men are violent while women are as pure as blessed virgins.
It is all the fault of men. But the gays, lesbians and paedophiles have suffered in Papua New Guinea as they desperately seek to gain a foothold. But their noses are being rubbed in the dirt as the result of their false information. Please click:

They have failed badly as the result of the 6 nation hoax that men confess to being guilty of rape. UN has lost much credibility as the result of this hoax.
Some weeks ago, a report was published in the media purportedly from the US State Department stating that Papua New Guinea was the 6th worst in the world for child trafficking.
It was probably compiled by US lesbians in the US Embassy coffee shop. The focus was on trafficking of underage girls to work in nightclubs as Mosco girls. This is an alcoholic drink popular among teenagers.
It stated that the girls as young as 13 are employed to entertain older men. This is totally false. The truth is that young girls are allowed in after flocking at the doors of night clubs. They come to drink and to go home with men. Some look above the age of consent.
This is not child trafficking but private enterprise of young underage girls. It is their way of staying alive in an era of unemployment. The police should be more active.
Some days later there was a statement in the media from Senator John McCain confirming that the report was true. Why would McCain be concerned with what PNG people think? It may have been part of the hoax by the UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

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