Tuesday, 17 September 2013


For over a decade now, there have been reports of the bark from the Mamala tree in
Samoa. It is said to cure HIV infection. A report has just appeared on ABC about the
future prospects for the antiviral drug from the Mamala tree. Please click:

Mamala tree - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

healers have long used the bark of the mamala tree in tea to treat ailments

The problem with all supposed cures is that the drug can not penetrate the hiding places of the HIV virus.

We have always understood that the hiding places were in the lymph system and included the spleen, thymus and long bone marrow where the blood cells are made.

But the ABC report above states that the antiviral drugs of the Mamala tree will stop infection of the human cells. All ARV drugs do that. But the drug also awakens the dormant ARV in the hiding places.

The report tells us that the latent HIV cell reservoirs are untouchable by today's antiretroviral drugs. But to be awakened by the new drug and emerge from the hiding places, the active virus levels will drop as the HIV is destroyed.

When the patient stops medication, the hibernating HIV in reservoirs awakens to resupply the active virus.

Prostratin flushes out the dormant HIV cells so that ARV can attack and hopefully eradicate the HIV from the body. Please click:

Researchers say Samoan mamala tree bark tea could lead to HIV ...

6 days ago - Researchers say Samoan mamala tree bark tea could lead to ... In Samoa, traditional
healers have long used the bark of the mamala tree in tea to treat .... Agence France-Presse,
APTN, BBC, CNN, Getty, Pacnews, Reuters ...
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Many readers from Russia. There seems to be ongoing interest in comments on the Russian laws against paedophiles.

There is a follow on apparent in France where same sex marriage and adoption by paedophiles is now legal.

The French are passing a law against beauty pageants for minors. Better late than never. Now the French have to focus on adoption of children by paedophiles.

There was a report on a paedophile sentenced to 27 years in gaol for planning to kidnap, rape, kill and eat children. It seems as if a crazy wild dog has been taken out of the community.

There are also reports of community groups seeking out paedophiles who make contact with children on internet and arrange to meet them for child sex. Please click:

Who are vigilante group Letzgo Hunting? | News168 - All the latest ...


Internet vigilante group Letzgo Hunting has been linked to the suicide of a man.
What is ... BBC News UK (Yesterday) - A vigilante group which claims to "expose ...

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