Sunday, 1 September 2013


There is a BBC report below on the results of the Russian anti-paedophile laws in the streets of Russia. It was written by Steven Rosenberg and has all the hallmarks of being fake.
The report is full of slippery examples and words. We are told of ultra-nationalist groups prowling the streets looking for paedophiles. They may be Neighbourhood Watch groups making streets safe from paedophiles.
But all is not lost. There is a gay night club in Sochi that has no trouble. That is where the Winter Olympics are to be held. So gay athletes are not to worry. Vigilante gangs are bad for business. Please click:

BBC News - Brutal videos fuel Russian anti-gay campaign

3 hours ago - By Steven Rosenberg BBC News, Moscow ... "There's more
aggression and it's becoming more dangerous on the streets," Andrei tells me.
There are online videos of violence against gays. There is no website URL address. The video shot in the report above could have been faked in anyone's bathroom. Let Rosenberg give URL addresses.
The report explains the factors involved in the Russian society view on homosexuality but leaves out the massive Moslem influence. Rosenberg thinks it is best to leave the Moslems alone. It only weakens the argument.
We are told that gays and paedophiles are taking off their ear-rings, hairdos and gay clothes. This we are told is to avoid vigilante violence.
It may be the response of school teachers who do not want to advertise their sexuality that might reveal their hidden gay agenda to children. They could now end up in gaol for telling children about the wonders of sucking penises.

One wonders how the journalist above learned that violence against gays is breaking out all over Russia. It sounds as if he did his research sitting on a bar stool at the gay night club taking down notes from the gay manager as if his words were gospel truth.

There were two useful points in this report. The first was that the focus was on paedophiles and their effects on family and children.

The second was that countries should respect the sovereignty of other countries. The Russian Government does not support same sex marriage. But that does not mean that they demand that Queen Elizabeth does not sign the recent legislation into law.

Why is the Russian law on paedophiles not respected even by Obama?

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