Monday, 16 September 2013


My grandmother is a lesbian

A report has been written on this blog about the baby boomer expatriate lesbian activists in the United Nations who range  in age from 45 to 66 years old. Please click:

They are committed to showing that men are violent and sexual predators the world over and should be condemned particularly at the level of the United Nations. They ignore the billions of loving husbands and fathers.

This is an exercise in hypocrisy as UN women can be predator lesbians seeking sex with young girls. One predator lesbian working in PNG had three adopted teenage daughters who seemed to change at regular intervals.

Senior citizen lesbians from Australia may have been married in earlier years with adult sons and daughters. They can not bring young girls home in Australia for fear that their children will find out. Grandma's a lesbian.

So they move overseas to join the United Nations having served their apprenticeship with a care group or two. They join the fight against HIV/AIDS with the hidden agenda of lesbian rights disguised as women's rights.

They do not accept gender equality. Men are all too violent. Lesbians hide the domestic violence of gays and lesbians. They make up fake statistics on violence of men towards women and girls.

In Papua New Guinea, there was a plan to have 22 reserved seats in parliament for women. The expatriate senior citizen lesbians would have been pushing to fill the seats with PNG lesbians.

It was fortunate that the seats never eventuated. The instigator would have been employed in the United Nations as reward if the plan had worked.

But the living situation for the senior citizen lesbians  would be perfect to take in a young girl for senior citizen sex.

She may have been invited to stay  as the student of a lesbian teacher. She may have been invited as a student to be a part-time research officer. A bed room would have been set aside for her in the expatriate lesbian's apartment.

But relationships with her senior citizen lesbian would have slowly progressed to long talks over coffee. She may have been called an adopted daughter.

She would have been asked to brush the old lady's hair  who would then do the same. That grooming would slowly move to caressing young breasts and fisting young vaginas.

Shoving a fist into a vagina is very dangerous and can cause damage and pain. Dominant lesbians love doing that to their less dominant partners. Please click (warning porn):


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Now we have an Australian judicial inquiry into paedophile priests instigated by Julia Gillard. If she ever finds herself as a UN advisor, will she instigate any investigation into predator lesbian advisors of the United Nations?

The kids at home would be shocked to find out what grandma is up to in her UN job in the developing world.

What is the alternative? There can be no alternative. The democratic world gives itself no right to discriminate against homosexuals nor even to ask if they are homosexual.

That does not stop the gay and lesbian activists from discriminating against the community, particularly men. Boys belong to the gays.

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