Thursday, 26 September 2013


There have been deep criticisms of the recent fake report by the United Nations on the incidence of rape on Bougainville Island.  The false finding was that six in ten men have confessed to rape.

The first was from AIDS Holistics in which deep criticisms were made of the regular UN practice of producing false statistics to support the UN lesbian ideology that all men are violent rapists. Please click:

FAKE UN LESBIAN REPORT ON RAPE                                                                          

There was also a report from Governor Gary Juffa on the false reports of the United Nations workers on violence of men.  Please click:

Juffa accuses UN of lying about gender 'thuggery' - Keith Jackson ...

Apr 20, 2013 - Gary Juffa PAPUA NEW GUINEA's staunchly anti-colonial Oro
Province governor has accused the United Nations of lying about the extent of ...

This was recently followed up by a condemnation of the President of the Bougainville Autonomous Government Mr John Momis. Please click:

The final condemnation came from PNG Attitude in which one writer called the producer of the false UN document a liar. He said that if there were someone going around Buka villages interviewing men on rape, it would be known. But it did not happen. Please click:

In defence, an anonymous UN writer claimed that the UN worked in closely with the Bougainville Autonomous Government. Is that why the President is condemning the report? He never saw the final fake copy.

The question arises as to whether or not the reports on the other 5 countries were fake too. The trick for UN lesbians is to ask tricky questions and draw their own conclusions.

Very few men will admit to rape. They would be frightened that the UN will submit their names to the police and they will be put in prison.

Do you have sex when drunk?  Yes.
Do you ask permission of your wife? Usually.
That means sometimes you do not? Rape.

The fact is that many PNG couples are non-verbal.

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