Monday, 23 September 2013


We are becoming aware of men and women who want sex with small children. They are not concerned with the fear and physical and emotional damage they will inflict on children often for a life-time.
Normal people are concerned with the feelings and hopes of other people. They are able to show respect for the rights of others.
But paedophiles are only concerned with their own feelings and sexual needs at the expense of children.
They show the characteristics of psychopaths, mentally deranged people who care only to hurt children and families. Psychopaths are unable to see the importance of the needs and hopes of others.
Businesses used to value the psychopath mentality in people who were harsh and cruel disciplinarians in the company and dismissed workers for whatever reason.
They gave management the idea that they were interested only in the firm. But the truth was they were interested only in themselves.
Modern movies starring Claude Van Damme or Will Smith are full of psychopaths. A gang of crooks walks into a building and shoots 15 security guards on the way. There may be 30 kids who are now without fathers. Who cares? It's only a movie.
We see bullet holes in full living colour as some person is shot in the forehead. Society is becoming used to seeing people shot in cold blood.
Psychopaths can be highly performing soldiers who kill without mercy. They often failed back in peace-time.
Papua New Guinea had the services of a female psychopath working in AusAID and the UN. She had the attitude that any person who got in her way had to be destroyed. She was a lesbian grandmother. Please click:



In another life, she would have made a great mafia hit man with her pistol and silencer. She was the only person who mattered.

Paedophiles may well be psychopath. Are you following this Mr Obama? Please leave the Russians alone to handle paedophiles in their own way.

You can complain when Mr Putin sets up a paedophile gulag or announces a paedophile pogrom. Now that would be horrific.

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