Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Post Courier 25 September 2013

It is tiring to read reports from the UN lesbian grand mothers and their lesbian lovers on the violence to women and girls at the hands of men in Papua New Guinea.

There is considerable violence in the Papuan block in Lae. We read in the media that this is caused by the wide consumption of home brew by men, women, boys and girls.

But truth is that most home brew in the Papuan block is made and distributed by women. Highlands women are key players in the making, distribution and consumption of home brew in the highlands.

Home brew is devastating family life in the highlands with drunken and violent men and women. The cause is not of gender inequality but drunken violence .

Let the Australian UN lesbian grand mothers sit on that. Please click:

buka women and girls drink homebrew - family positive living - aids ...

Dec 11, 2012 - Homebrew consumption by women in Buka is on the rise
according to a recent survey. Carried out on behalf of the chiefs of Buka, t
he survey ...


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