Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Please open and read the report below. In particular, please read the linkage Gut Warfare. This sets out in detail the report on the gut attack by HIV. Please click: 1, 2012 - GUT ATTACK SLOWS
AS PATIENT DIES. Let us get one thing straight. The HIV does not really attack the CD4 cells. It does and it does not.
There is useful information in this report. The first is that the HIV is shepherded down to the gut and enters the millions of CD4 cells that are present to protect the gut from gut bacteria.
The initial onslaught is fast and furious. The sufferer experiences fever within 2 weeks of infection. Then gradually over a year or more, the gut attack slows down.

The gut is now being slowly brought to destruction as body protein is depleted. There is no reserve of protein and the replacement protein is taken from the muscles, making the sufferer skeleton like. The gut is preserved with the aid of ARV drugs.
Perhaps fever at the two week point is the effect of the HIV first breaking out of the gut CD4 T cells and entering the blood.
ARV treatment should start sooner not later to preserve the gut lining. The old story was that ARV treatment began in the final years. This was fatal advice.

All of this information has been censored by the gay and lesbian activists.

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