Monday, 9 September 2013


The most evil people in the world are paedophiles who live to have sex with children. They do not leave it at that. Many rape, mutilate and torture children often to death. Some prepare pornography for sale on internet.
I have always warned students and my children about stranger danger. They must never get into a car with a stranger. Be prepared to run, in the opposite direction if possible. Or into a house yard with people. Or a shop. Be prepared to scream if he drags you out  " He is not my uncle, help".
Never be tricked by any man claiming to be an uncle who has been sent by the father to take the child to hospital. He says the father is very ill and asked him to come to school to pick up his daughter Mary. Go back into the school and talk to your teacher.
How does he know her name? It is written on the back of her school bag. Parents should never identify a child with a name on a bag.
Paedophiles are becoming more violent. We are never told that killers of school children in school massacres are paedophiles with a sexual desire to see children afraid and dying.
These are the people banned by the Russian Duma. They have finally stopped foreign paedophiles from adopting Russian children for sex. The world should applaud the Russian initiative and ignore the silliness of Obama who calls the Russian laws horrific.
When paedophiles are put in prison, they should not go into a special section. Let them go in with all the other prisoners and suffer the consequences.

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