Monday, 2 September 2013


The expatriate paedophile hate campaign is gathering force. Yesterday, a message arrived from JKBougainville telling the founder of AIDS Holistics to leave the country as he is not wanted.
Our anonymous hate mailer says the founder knows nothing about Positive Living and is a waste of resources for this country. The fact is that AIDS Holistics is a volunteer organization receiving no resources. All funds come from the bank account of the founder.
As a teacher of Biology to grade 12 over many years, the founder has detailed understanding of the physiology of Positive Living. He has debunked the fake homosexual message that avoids the attack of the virus on the gut lining. This is the key starting point for all AIDS Awareness.
He has looked after his son and the boy's mother dying of AIDS. He was carer for 2 years and 3 years respectively. He was present at the death beds of 6 people dying of AIDS.
He has suffered from tuberculosis and cared for his son dying of tuberculosis and AIDS. He has advised the world on the importance of circumcision and no cuts and sores on the penis. He has campaigned for ARV drugs for pregnant mothers and raped women.
He has raised two daughters and protected one from a man who sought to take and abuse her. He now understands the facts of life in trafficking for young girls.
AIDS Holistics stands as the single force blocking foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles from coming into PNG and riding roughshod over parliament. The key criminal activists come from UNAIDS, UN Women and Australian Aid.
We have given useful input to Russia in their effort to block the paedophile push against their children. Russians and Americans are the main readers of our blog.

We have stressed that the Russian legislation is anti-paedophile not anti-gay. There was the caution that many paedophiles are hiding as gays.

We supported the Russian effort to stop men and women from seducing, bullying, perverting, anus raping, injuring, emotionally damaging, taking pornographic movies of and killing young boys and girls.

If there were a death penalty for paedophiles, would there be the same fuss? Would Obama call it a horrific law?
The key target of all world gays, lesbians and paedophiles is the education system. They want to take control of our children. They seek to destroy parental authority and recruit children into the gay and lesbian community. At all times, the parents will be pushed aside as homophobic.

There will be war in the future particularly in the developing countries of Africa. Gays, paedophiles and family men will take up arms. Our children are the prize. The nations of Africa are finding they have their backs against the wall.
Moslem extremists have not come into the fight. They will come on the scene one day during a Gay Pride procession with suicide bombers. It is only a matter of time.
Pakistan is the country finding greatest trouble. Women are kept in the home and have to cover their bodies. They can not have boy friends. So men find sexual pleasure with other men.

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