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To control the HIV gut attack is to live

It is understandable that gay and lesbian activists be reluctant to let the community know about the gut parasite attack on the epithelial lining of the small intestine or gut.

They are ashamed to have people know about hideous gut parasites that enter the mouth of gay men who lick anuses and slurp diarrhoea faeces. These parasites breed in the gut.

But it is unforgiveable and criminal for gay and lesbian activists to ban all mention of the gut when this is also the primary site for the attack of the HIV virus.


There has been a long term conspiracy among gay and lesbian HIV/AIDS activists to hide the real story about the attack of HIV. They want to hide that the centre of the virus attack is the small intestine or gut.  Please click:


That is too close to the real story of the infection of gay men with gut parasites that enter their bodies in eggs taken into the mouth by anus licking and faeces slurping gays.

Gay and lesbian doctors have given a false picture to a generation of AIDS workers. They ignore the key importance of knowledge of the gut attack. This has to be malpractice.

Knowledge of the gut attack explains (1) fever 2-3 weeks after infection with HIV. (2) need to start ARV treatment early before the gut is too damaged (3) importance of ARV to stop the gut attack by destroying HIV in the blood (4) a damaged gut stops nutrition and absorption of nutrients, water and salts and (5) importance of nutrition to rebuild body tissues including the gut wall.

The community may not be aware that large numbers of doctors are gay and lesbian. Many come to developing countries to work in health care.

They teach AIDS workers a false story. They do not want AIDS workers to be experts in gay anus licking and faeces slurping of parasite eggs.

They even intimidate national doctors to comply with the fake story. They call the gut parasite infections opportunistic.

In reality most are lifestyle infections that enter bodies mainly of gay men. A low immune system does make some sufferers susceptible to infection with gut parasites. But most are primarily gay infections. (Censored).

Other people can also be infected by contact with animal faeces in villages and uncooked meat. Please click:

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by FO Akinbo - ‎2010 - ‎Cited by 10 - ‎Related articles
Oct 29, 2010 - Routine screening for intestinal parasites in HIV-positive
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encountered from the ... Opportunistic infections and kaposis sarcoma in
homosexual men.

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