Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Now that the Russian Duma has passed laws against paedophiles abusing children, the time has come for convicted paedophiles to be declared as psychopathic. The issue needs to be examined by the psychiatric profession of Russia.
This means that convicted paedophiles be placed in a prison for the criminally insane. Serial paedophiles and those who have injured or killed children should be sentenced for the term  of their natural lives.
Sentencing to a psychiatric hospital used to be the punishment for political dissidents. This may well have been an act of Russian government corruption. But paedophiles in psychiatric care are intended to protect Russian children.
Foreign paedophiles should be imprisoned and then released to their home government for further sentencing.  There will be foreign paedophiles active at the winter olympics particularly among the teenage games workers.
Other Governments should follow such an example if the Russians take up the policy.

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