Saturday, 21 September 2013


Some years ago, a policeman friend showed me a statement written by an expatriate man facing a charge of assault of his PNG wife. The charge had been dismissed by the magistrate.
The expatriate had explained that he was married to a PNG village woman who lived in a lovely relationship with him for 6 months. Then she slowly changed.
She started to bully her expatriate husband. She would beat him and hit him with rocks. The car would be damaged at her hand. She would refuse to cook his meals and wash his clothes.
He tried to reason with her but she said he talked like a woman and thought like a baby. She had no respect for him and showed this every day. She would call him names in front of his expatriate and national friends.
She saw life in a village way. It came down to the fact that women talk and men bash. Because the expatriate talked trying to reason with her, he was a woman. She had the right to take charge of the house as the man.
So he changed his strategy. She gave him hell and he bashed her. She called him names and he bashed her. No dinner and he bashed her.
She ran to her brothers claiming violence. But the expatriate showed them his money and all trouble stopped with the brothers.
Within 2 months, the wife started to give respect. He started to return to reasoning with her but still ready to bash her. Then she complained to the police and he ended up in Court.
It raises the question of whether or not bashing a woman is justified. If she went to the local lesbian advisors, they would call her a survivor of violence. The expatriate would be a wife basher. But that is not the real story.
After the Court case, he kicked her out with K1000 to disappear.

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