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I would like to explain to the Papua New Guinea nation and the United Nations the events that led to disgraceful attacks on AIDS Holistics by Australian AIDS advisors.

I met a lovely lady in 2000 at the point that I was alone and looking after my two daughters Rachael and Lisa. Needing to work to earn a living, I had to find a woman to look after my daughters then 2 years and 1 year old.

Linda cared for my girls. Within a year, we had a son. Life was good as I could now work full time to build up a training organization. But it was not to be.

Linda was diagnosed as HIV positive followed by our son Jonathan. She forbade me to tell her family but blamed me for infecting her. I was diagnosed negative about a year after she died.

I did not know what to do. I went to the Port Moresby General Hospital and met a man in a white coat and stethoscope and explained my problem and asked what I should do. He was an Indian doctor who took me to his office and explained all about Positive Living.

He told me all about peace, faith, hope, morning sun, clean water, fruit, uncooked vegetables, family, relaxation, exercise and freedom from cigarettes, alcohol, fear, discrimination and homebrew.

The National HIV /AIDS response had not begun but I met Dr Clement Malau in the Health Department who was to become the first Director of the National AIDS Secretariat. I told him about the Positive Living advice.

Within six months, the Australian advisors arrived. The first lot were quite forgettable. But then they were followed by Rod Menere (psychiatric nurse) Elizabeth Cox (teacher) and Stewart Watson (teacher). None knew anything about HIV/AIDS.

As a biology teacher with a strong knowledge of physiology, my understanding rose exponentially. I found myself giving Google reports to Elizabeth Cox who was quite pleased. After a few months, I started putting letters to the editor on Positive Living.

Cox expected that I would explain the basics of HIV/AIDS to her and then disappear. But then I set up an NGO AIDS Holistics in 2002. I did not know for two years, that AIDS Holistics was secretly banned by Cox and Watson.

At that stage I had no idea that I was dealing with predator paedophile gay and lesbian advisors. Then Cox had a bright idea. The Chiangmai AIDS conference was coming up. An online discussion was held on 4 major topics with contributions from across the world particularly Africa.

She asked me to help the campaign by downloading all the conference papers from Google and writing books for the four major topics. She said that the team leader Rod Menere was preparing a contract. I was to come to her apartment when I could and download all the 300 reports on her computer from Google.

She let me get on with it. I chose to download the 130 Positive Living reports first. It took me weeks to do this and then write a book. She was not pleased that I chose Positive Living first.

The book was finished and given to her for editing. It was a wonderful book with advice from care groups on Positive Living. Cox had only one objection. I was to remove all references to FAMILY and FAITH. The penny had not yet dropped that she was a lesbian with a different agenda.

She came back a week later to say that the book had been rejected by Rod Menere the team leader as it was not well enough written and did not cover the issue. I was horrified and went to see the team leader a few days later without telling Cox.

He told me that he had no idea of what I was talking about – a book on Positive Living ?? He knew nothing. There was no plan to have me sign a contract on 4 books.

It seems that he called Cox in and she had a different story. Copeland had been forcing his way into her apartment to use her computer. She was afraid to throw him out because he was a violent basher of women. Why could she not call on the security guards to evict him and block entry? Liar.

What about all the reports downloaded from Google on Positive Living? She told the team leader that she had done all that in her office. But Copeland had broken into her office and stolen all the documents out of her files. She claimed to be the expert with her teacher as apprentice and thief.

She could not hide the fact that I had given the team leader the drafts of the book with editing in Cox's handwriting. He did not raise that matter with her until last. That showed it was all lies.

But the real story turned out differently. Menere was no fool. She had been double-dipping. She was earning $250,000 as an AusAID officer. But she had a secret NGO based in Wewak that published books called Help Resources.

I had not broken into her apartment to use her computer. I know now that she put me there to hide that she was secretly writing books unknown to the team leader. She was working 30% for AusAID and 70% for her own secret company to sell books to AusAID.

I was not being used as an AusAID writer. I was tricked into writing for her NGO Help Resources. I did not break into her office and steal Positive Living resource material. The bitch knew nothing about Positive Living. I downloaded material from the Chiangmai conference website as she wanted me to do.

She told the team leader she had done all the work in her office. This was to hide the fact that most of her work was done at her apartment for sale to AusAID. I was the sucker whom she tricked into writing for her. But she did not plan to pay me. I was being led to think that the final decision was to be made by the team leader who knew nothing about her double-dipping in selling books.

She was writing and publishing books in Wewak that were submitted to .....Cox and approved by .... Cox with cheques written to ....Cox. This was fraud. If she had me banned from the AIDS building and the AIDS campaign, I may have never seen the stolen book printed and distributed. White lesbian trash.

But at the point that Linda and my son were dying, Cox was working to destroy our family unity by all this and telling Linda's family that Positive Living was a fake message and that Linda and my son were being abused. 

That was her revenge at getting her contract not renewed. She was the Care and Counselling Advisor out of hell. The UN put her in charge of UNIFEM that was renemed ANTIFAM in Papua New Guinea and finally named UN Women.  Please click:

pain never far away - family positive living - aids holistics
Feb 18, 2012 - PAIN NEVER FAR AWAY. I was recently stopped in a Port 
Moresby shopping centre by a beautiful 18 year old girl who  was my niece.

As Head of UN Women, she sought to bully the Minister for Community Development on the matter of same-sex marriage. She tried to put together a group of national lesbians to take the 24 reserved seats in parliament that never eventuated. Nothing she did was secret from women who did not like her style. Cox is trouble.

So I was not working for the National HIV/AIDS Response but for Help Resources. My first work was rejected by Cox as she planned to publish and take all the money.

But the story had gone around that I was violent and had stolen all the Positive Living documents out of her file. Menere was not fooled. Her contract was not renewed.

I kept the Positive Living book and used the Chiangmai reports as the basis of the AIDS Holistics campaign from that time. Thanks to Cox.

She was prepared to crucify an innocent family man with an HIV family for her own lesbian greed. She should be banned from all caring duties. How can she tell lies to Linda's family that Positive Living was a fake message? How can the AusAID Care and Counselling Advisor do that? She devastated a grieving family.

The corruption of UNAIDS is strongly shown in the fact that Stewart Watson remains Head in PNG. The corruption of Watson should ban him from a caring role. He tells us not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. He told the church ministers' fraternal that they should allow adultery.

The UN allows sexual corruption as long as the UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles take control of the soft target world. It is difficult if the UN bosses are gay, lesbian and paedophile too and they think their agents across the world are doing a wonderful job.

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