Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Please note the hideous hidden agenda of gay and lesbian advisors of AusAID and United Nations. 

These people are a minority in the world but are using infiltration to push their hidden agenda across the world, particularly the soft target Christian countries.

The gay and lesbian agenda is basically paedophile in that the focus is on freedom and rights of children. Sex is the bottom line for all the gay and lesbian agenda.

The agenda focuses on destroying the modern traditional society and replacing family with a loose collection of people free to have sex with any other person at any age. Gay and lesbian marriage is often a joke.

Parents are to lose authority. Children are to have the right to make their own decisions to drink alcohol, meet paedophiles for sex, go to discos, drink homebrew, smoke marijuana and hit up with drugs. Read the UN Charter of Children's Rights.

The paedophiles of the United Nations have given children the right of association. Parents lose authority over whom the children associate with. If parents want to know, children have the right to tell their parents lies because parents have no right to ask.


family and faith removed from the AIDS awareness agenda,
world Positive Living message removed from awareness,
use of condoms promoted,
all people to have the right to sex,
children to have the right to consent to sex,
children to be adopted by gays and lesbians,
same sex marriage to be legalized,
churches banned from opposing homosexuality,
promote there is no God or Allah,
all commandments man-made,
national care groups forced to accept our agenda,
infiltrate Education, Health, Welfare and Legal,
support laws to take children into care,
authority of parents removed in law,
age of consent lowered,
gay / lesbian lifestyle in school curriculum,
all men violent with all women abused,
gay /  lesbian domestic violence ignored,
dangers of gay sex hidden from community,
attack of HIV on gut lining hidden,
attack of gut parasites on gay men hidden,
promote that LGBT afraid to seek treatment,
promote gays/lesbians always born that way,
ignore they may be nurtured into homosexuality,
ignore paedophiles among gays/lesbians, and
public not to be warned on paedophile danger,

Compare the Positive Living family message that supports the rights and responsibilities of parents and children. The lifestyle requires honesty, respect and loyalty. It reinforces traditional family values.

The Family Positive Living promotes a healthy lifestyle that we all know from doctors and health columns in the media. It promotes honesty whereas the gay and lesbian agenda promotes cheating and telling lies.

In the family message, nothing is hidden. All dangers to health are open to be discussed. On the other hand, the gay and lesbian agenda has censored all information that these people do not want the community to know including young people pushed into gay sex.

In the family message, we report on the attack on the gut lining by HIV. That is strictly banned in the gay and lesbian agenda.

They do not want the community to know about the filthy sexual habits of gay men in licking anuses of partners and swallowing eggs of many gut parasites.


promote faith for believers,
give hope to individuals and families,
support families to live in peace and love,
encourage fellowship in communities,
promote the importance of exercise and fun,
set up community basketball, volley ball or touch football,
promote social interaction among people of all age groups,
promote importance of forgiveness,
fresh fruit and vegetables eaten daily, uncooked if possible,
lean meat with fat removed,
awareness of dangers of salt and sugar,
importance of family rights and responsibilities,
responsibilities and obligations for community and family, and
antiretroviral drugs for raped women within 12 hours,

with freedom from

violence, fear, hatred and discrimination,
infection external and internal,
suffocation from HIV mucous in lungs,
rejection from family,
poison avoided from tobacco and marijuana,
children not breastfed by mother who smokes, and
drugs avoided by all,

There is a place for Positive Living in modern society. The paedophile agenda is an aberration that has to be pushed aside by society. It may not last for a decade or more before the community rejects the evil of hedonistic living. That is living only for oneself and sexual pleasure.

That is one reason why the Roman Empire crashed. The soft target Christian nations may be going the same way. Just type Gay fisting into Google to see the depravity that modern society accepts.

There is an orgy of pain in gay fisting. It is not love making. It is all about one gay destroying the anus of another gay. It is about gay girly girly power.

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