Friday, 12 June 2015


We hear so much about same-sex-marriage for gay, lesbian, transvestite and bisexual people in the world. The issue has reached Papua New Guinea. But we never think of the dangers involved of families rescuing loved ones from the clutches of an expatriate gay, lesbian or paedophile.

There have been several incidents in recent years in which expatriates have died in unusual circumstances that were explained by the media as the work of intruders. But it is possible that this is a cover-up for a more sinister scenario.

Incident 1: In about 2001, there was a Catholic priest shot in his bed at night at Bomana. It is not often that people are shot in their beds. The question arises as to whether or not he had a young boy or girl in his bed when the family of men broke in and shot him.

The matter was reported once in the media and never again. There appeared to be no police investigation.

Incident 2: Some 12 years ago, a man died in an apartment in down-town Port Moresby. It seems that the intruder scaled the side of the building and entered through the window, so the media reported. He was a real Spider-man.

But there is another possible explanation. He had arrived in comfort with the man who died for a night of gay sex. But his intention was to rob and steal not to make his anus available to an expatriate gay man. Or he may have come to rescue a family member.

Incident 3: Some 8 years ago, an Australian advisor was murdered late at night by two young men he was taking back to his apartment. We can only guess the reason why they were being taken back. The apartment would be rich for the picking once the gay man was dead.

Incident 4:  Some 5 years ago, a young AusAID female advisor was coming back to her apartment late at night opposite the Crowne Plaza hotel with a friend. As she parked her vehicle in the car park, the car was surrounded by men. The young advisor opened the door and ran down the street, leaving her friend in the car.

But there is more to this than meets the eye. The friend was not raped nor murdered. The car was not stolen. It is probable that the friend was being rescued by father, uncles and brothers from the clutches of an expatriate lesbian woman.

The friend may have told the expatriate woman that she should run and not worry about her as these men were family.

The apartments of expatriates are often surrounded by high fences and guarded by security officers with guard dogs. This is to protect the advisors from raskols come to steal and angry men come to rescue their loved one from a gay, lesbian or paedophile advisor.

Some young people are taken to a hotel to spend the night in a room. This prevents them from ever knowing the apartment of the expatriate.

If a lesbian expatriate had taken one of my daughters in years past, there would be at least 20 Eastern Highlands men who would arrive at the apartment block.

The trick has been to offer the young PNG girl or boy a job as research assistant on a wage. The family is advised that the young person will live in a spare room in the apartment so that they can be closer to discuss research....... (and have sex).

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