Friday, 5 June 2015


There would be many people in this country who are blissfully not aware that this country has had a gay, lesbian and paedophile problem over many years.

It all started with the teachers and became even more focussed with the setting up of the International Education Agency (IEA).

The IEA schools were set up originally for expatriate children to ensure that contract workers did not allow their kids to suffer a drop in standards. That meant that there were to be expatriate teachers many of whom were gay, lesbian and paedophile.

Slowly over decades there were national students which meant more national teachers and fewer paedophile expatriate teachers.

The heyday may have ended with the death of Director and paedophile Steve Mead. His place was taken by Mr Lalie who the IEA was at pains to tell the community was a family man. This report was posted at least 12 months before Mead died.
My experience with Mead came when I was on the Board of the Gordons International School with Mead coming to meetings as advisor.

At one meeting, I offered to help the IEA schools with the Positive Living family message and was secretly kicked out by paedophile Mead. Even the Board did not know. Positive Living was against the paedophile agenda with its focus on family.

My daughters were expelled. My younger daughter thought it was because she was mixed race. That was the analysis of a seven year old.

But there has been a long track record of gay / paedophile teachers in this country. My first knowledge was in the 1980s when a controversy arose at Keravat High and reported in the media.

The inspector had made a report on two expatriate gay men living in an obvious sexual relationship at the school. They went to the media with the report that the inspector was jealous as he was gay too.

That is a common gay trick. During my confrontation with the AusAID AIDS gays and lesbians, an anonymous email report told all that I was gay too but no gay wanted to make love to me as I was too ugly. So I attack them in frustration. Good trick – fail.

But the IEA kept a gay, lesbian and paedophile cohort of teachers. This has been the practice in other IEA schools in the world.

A principal in a school in Djakarta was arrested for paedophile activities and then the issue died. Perhaps he fled to Australia and was never extradited.

There is a Google report below about two foreign teachers in a prestigious Australian private school who fled the country and the Australian Federal Police refused to arrange their extradition.

AFP priorities were murderers not paedophiles. Perhaps there is a cohort of paedophiles in AFP committed to ignoring the Sex Tourism Act. Are the AFP a law unto themselves?

Some 4 years ago there was an Australian male teacher employed by AusAID who had relationships with underage girls in his school and was taking nude photos of them. He fled to Australia.

The AFP spokesman told the media that he was in northern Australia and “out of reach”. Since when were law breakers out of reach from the police? They will be out of reach if protected by paedophile AFP officers.

When the PNG parliament passes the gay and lesbian same sex marriage act, there will be large numbers of same sex Australian couples flooding into the country to work in Foreign Affairs, Australian Aid, Education and Health.

There will be pressure for the school curriculum to be rewritten to include gay and lesbian sex in Personal Development studies. Children will be groomed and recruited to become bisexual.

There have been a number of middle aged expatriate men who set up businesses and then move to Thailand. That was for cheap sex with Thai boys. 

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