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In 2004, life was changing for me the founder of AIDS Holistics, as the gay and lesbian advisors had gone. Elizabeth Cox had her contract not renewed for fraud in selling her own AIDS awareness books to AusAID.

The Positive Living message was starting to flourish with a two year contract to write Positive Living reports for The National.

With a focus on family, AIDS Holistics was first in the country to talk of the rights of women and girls. My friend and journalist Frank told me I had put Positive Living on the map.

This must have driven the lesbian advisors crazy as they had the view that all men are violent and all women are abused. I had to be stopped. Let’s tell everyone that he is a wife basher and child molester.

Over the years, I have brought a balance to the man-woman relationship in this country and made public the fake reports put out by UN lesbian activists.

They had a fake survey on Buka about men raping their wives. Dr John Momis called them liars. They claimed that two women were raped at Gordons Market. The Minister for Police rebutted their claim. They claimed that 64% of PNG men had been involved in gang rape. Liars.

Even Dame Carol Kidu recently stated that she opposed the UN approach to rights of women. They do not have rights alone but in the context of community and family. The rights of women was family not lesbian.

Cox set up Save the Children with Jacqui Badcock and moved on to be the Head of ANTIFAM aka UN Women. Save the Children from whom? Stewart Watson went on to be the UNAIDS anti-family and anti-faith man.

The place of Cox was taken by one Sharon Walker. One day, I went to her office in the AIDS building to introduce myself. She was working at her desk and did not even look up. She told me she knew who I was.

Her only wish was that I would be gaoled for my violence and sexual abuse of Linda and my daughters.

So she had been briefed by the paedophile lesbian advisor Cox and/or the Satan priest Jude. She was told to bury Positive Living as it was directly in conflict with the paedophile agenda of the foreign advisors.

I was repulsed by Walker. She cannot help being a tall fat ugly frump but she was also a racist and bully. She had the manner of a colonial missus

She was a woman who had learned that people are frightened when she throws her 200 kg body around. She treated anyone who disagreed with her with total contempt. She hated me at first sight.

On two occasions< I went to a meeting where she was the Chairperson. She announced to all that the meeting would not start until I left. I walked out as there seemed nothing more to do. The AusAID advisors were generally trash.

I tend to be friends with educated people in Papua New Guinea who value the Positive Living message and reject the lies and false reports of the foreign UN and AusAID paedophiles. Some have said they will testify on my behalf if I should ever end up in Court.

I have friend Dr Uma Ambi who writes a column Mind Watch in The National. She says she reads my blog. But she is an expert in her own field. Today, she writes on bullying as an infringement of basic rights.

Her column is so closely linked to the harassment, bullying and violence against me over a decade by AusAID, UN and Catholic trash. The victim is bullied to the point of feeling that it is all our fault.

We feel hopeless as we don’t know how to get out of the situation. We are alone with no-one to help us. We feel unsafe and afraid, confused and stressed. We feel ashamed that it is happening.

But I had a friend who gave me peace. He was Joe Lari of 3 Angels Care. He was Seventh Day Adventist and opened my eyes to the Positive Living message of his church. He introduced me to the standard SDA text on nutrition by Jethro Kloss Back to Eden. Please click:

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I did not use Positive Living to bash the Bible. It was a message for all faiths Christian and non-Christian as well as non-believers. But Joe and I talked to congregations after SDA church services. I took part in the Family home study and used the book on my own website.

Joe had problems with his care centre 3 Angels Care at Boroko. He had planned to set up a centre for HIV sufferers. But over the year he took to set it up, the centre had been stolen by a group of HIV infected criminals. They were Peter Momo, Maura Elaripe and Margaret Marabe.

They had come to know that Joe was weak and placed too much faith in Jesus who would never evict them from the accommodation they now claimed was theirs.

Joe asked me to move in as caretaker. Looking back, he undoubtedly knew I would suffer violence but he still wanted me to go. We had planned to set up a Positive Living Training Centre

But the centre was under the violent control of HIV + Margaret Marabe who ruled with a kitchen knife. She decided who came and who went. She removed people at knife point.

The criminal PLWHA decided that I should move out with my daughters. They showed they were in direct contact with the UN and AusAID paedophile advisors by telling me I was a murderer who killed Linda and my son with violence. I had molested my daughters. I should leave.

They tried to set me up with sexually molesting four children at the centre and even planned to have me cut up by bush knife. Two of the children were my daughters.

Only last Mother’s Day, my daughters gave me a rose to acknowledge that I was always their mother and father. But these HIV infected creeps wanted me out.

The women in the centre made their own rules. Each had a street husband, all of who were drunks and violent. Sandy had a corporal from Taurama Barracks who would come on the weekends, often drunk and violent. He had a married quarter at Taurama with a wife and kids.

Momo was the centre drunk. He used to work for UNDP promoting.......Positive Living. But he smoked, drank and spent his K800 on beer.

My daughters were horrified when he was going out one night but his wife wanted money for the baby. He bashed her and kicked her in the head as she lay bleeding on the floor. He bashed her because her son was mixed race. Not his.

Marabe was the sex worker who used to bring men into the centre late at night for sex in her room. This was in no way a Positive Living centre.

Maura Elaripe was HIV with her husband Max whom she left and married his cousin. He was stupid drunk boy who would bash Maura.

One night towards the end, he arrived back drunk and accusing her of making him HIV infected. When she would not open the door to her room, he bashed the door down with an axe.

Loe Lari the owner closed the centre when he heard the door was smashed down. We all had to leave. On the last day, Momo arrived with a man to whom I was introduced. He said that he blamed me for the eviction and had arranged for this man to put a knife in my guts when he sees me in town.

The lesson for all of this was that a live-in care centre was a waste of time. There was no Positive Living among these people. All blamed their families which made them popular with the AusAID lesbians.

Momo had lived with each of his brothers but been removed for drunken violence. One brother was a pastor.

Elaripe was in danger in going to her village given the accusation that she had infected her husband’s cousin while knowing she was HIV positive.

Marabe just wanted to be a sex worker. I meet Sandy at times at 5 Mile. She says she is not Sandy and does not know me. Sure Sandy.

They were told that funding would continue if the Positive Living Training Centre was blocked. That was the advice of the fat, ugly frump Walker who was the new Care and Counselling advisor.

But they were evicted and the care centre sold but not before the threat to burn the centre down.

If people living with HIV/AIDS are rejected by family, it may be best for many to live under a tree not in the luxury of a house with free food.

Their rejection may have something to do with the stress, worry, sex and drunken violence they brought to family members.

Over the 4 months as caretaker, I suffered 2 stabbings from Marabe, bashing and being knocked unconscious by Sandy’s weekend husband, and bashed from behind with an iron bar by Maura’s husband’s cousin.

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