Friday, 19 June 2015


This letter is addressed to the following bullies who harrassed and intimidated the founder of AIDS Holistics in the period between 2001 and 2010.

Chief Sir Peter Barter
Profesor Michael Toole
Fr. Jude Ronayne -Ford
Elizabeth Cox
Stewart Watson
Keith Jackson,
Sharon Walker
Peter Momo

The false claim was made over several years that he was a violent wife basher and child molester. This has been the source of great pain for this family.

The intention was malicious and designed to destroy the Positive Living message in favour of a paedophile message supported by AusAID and UN.

If any of these creeps has proof, we ask that they place a report as a comment on this blog. I promise to post any comment.

We expected help and support as an AIDS infected family but were only given hate and lies. Barter advised that my children were to be put into care on the basis of no proof. He was very much aware of the gay and lesbian message of hate.

Any substantial proof should be passed to the Sexual Offences Squad (SOS) at Boroko Police Station.

Professor Toole above was the Director of Burnet Institute that had a strictly gay and lesbian agenda and opposed to Family Positive Living. On his blog PNG Attitude, Keith Jackson claimed I had trashed a prestigious medical organization.

That was Burnet. I hope Jackson was right. Recently Burnet was reported as running a course to empower men !! Does that mean Toole is out on his gay ear?

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Copeland
Rachael & Lisa

on behalf of Linda (dec) and
Jonathan (dec)

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