Monday, 22 June 2015


I am a white man and lived in this country since 1993 having worked in Papua New Guinea as an Army Officer from 1975 until 1978.

I have found myself in deep trouble in the last decade in promoting Positive Living for people infected with HIV/AIDS. It was in response to my son Jonathan and his mother dying of the virus.

The Australian advisors objected strongly to my focus on FAMILY and FAITH and I have put this down to the fact that these people were gay, lesbian, anti-family and anti-faith.

But I have read a book The Stolen Generation by Peter Read, a report on the removal of Aboriginal children in New South Wales 1883 to 1969. The insight has come very strongly that Australians have been racist in their contempt for Aboriginal families.

Yet 40 years later in 2001, the next generation of Australians has come to Papua New Guinea with the same anti-family and anti-faith attitude of the Australian Government officers who took Aboriginal children away from their families.

The Australian advisors working with Burnet were deeply racist. All PNG people from senior clergy, doctors and directors of the National AIDS Council Secretariat and secretaries for Health were just blackfellas who had to do as they were told.

If they disagreed with the gay and lesbian condom agenda, they would not be offered a job after their contracts expired.

The gay paedophile head of UNAIDS told the Ministers Fraternal that the churches were to blame for the AIDS pandemic and that the churches had to accept adultery as that would keep husbands and wives happy.

He said that the community must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. This ex-English teacher thought he was senior in intellect to all blackfellas and could lay the law down even to Bishops.

The lesbian Care and Counselling advisors kept strict control of the AIDS campaign and dictated terms to the Director even though they were supposed to be advisors. The Director was a blackfella which made these white racists senior to him.

I once spoke to the Director and begged him to support Positive Living. He said “I can’t, Bruce”. I asked him why not? He said  ”I just can’t”. I knew why. 

The AusAID lesbian in charge downstairs would have him kicked out after his contract expired. That was 120kg of ugly fat frump and bully lesbian Sharon Walker.

These AusAID officers had contempt for me as I had been promoting FAMILY and FAITH. They believed that Papua New Guineans do not have the intellectual and spiritual capacity to live in families and live by faith.

There was to be no focus on FAMILY but only on condoms. PNG people will not respond to any focus higher than a box of condoms. They are second rate human beings.

So many Australian men come to PNG to make money, have sex either heterosexual or homosexual and then go home to their wife in Australia leaving their PNG woman standing in the street empty handed.

I know of several women who were abandoned after living with Australian men for several years. All are now in poverty as the man went home to Australia without leaving money. One is dying of cancer in Goroka hospital.

I was to be punished by Australian advisors for supporting the PNG family. There was to be a focus only on the rights of women and girls with no emphasis whatever on PNG men. They wanted to break up the family unit.

Women were to have rights outside the family as it was impossible to bring men and women together to live as a loving pair. PNG women and men are sub-human and do not have the capacity to love one another.

Women needed the freedom of white women overseas. Their freedom stood outside family and community. That was not PNG culture as Dame Carol Kidu reminded us recently in the media.

I was to be dragged down so that the Australian advisors could state that all men in this country were violent and molested family members. I was a violent molester of the women in my family as the anonymous libel was spread.

But the PNG society is sub-human with men having total control of the women. Women and children were to be freed from the authority of husbands and fathers.

Shariah law gives authority to men as did the Old Testament in Scripture. There are PNG people who say that traditional melanesian custom has similarities to the practice of Islam.

We had the example of the Catholic HIV/AIDS Care Centre at 16 Mile where only women were accepted by the priest who would not let family visit.

This is the same as church missions in Australia who kept the stolen children from seeing family. Some boys and girls never met their family again.

The Australian policy towards HIV/AIDS was racist. There was no point in teaching how to care for family members. Families reject members who are infected with HIV/AIDS. They are sub-human. Just teach condoms and tell them to go for ARV medicine.

Place no focus on nutrition with fruit and vegetables. They will be too lazy to grow and will not go to the market. It is a waste of time telling them not to smoke. So do not tell them.

Do not tell them of the attack on the gut lining. They are too stupid to understand.

The author Peter Read above stated that people in church Aboriginal missions were often psychopath. So too the AusAID advisors in Papua New Guinea in the period 2001-2006. Cox was senior psychopath.


So the only option for PNG people is to accept and promote Positive Living. At least this message comes across the world and is promoted in this country by a white man loyal and compassionate to PNG society.

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