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The National 18 June 2015 Dr Uma Ambi Principal Advisor –
Mental Health Services.

Bullying is a basic denial of rights among my dear readers. These are preventable and reversible with positive interventions.

We must stand as a pillar of strength to anyone who is a victim as they could be our partners or loved ones who are going through this painful passage.

Bullying can happen anywhere. It comes in different forms. But all cause distress and pain for the person who is being bullied.

If you are being bullied or know anyone who is being bullied, there are ways to stop the bullying with places to go for advice and support.

Bullying occurs when people use words or actions against an individual or group, causing stress and risk to their well being.

Bullies are usually in a position of power or influence over the person they bully. They usually want to make the person feel less powerful or helpless.

Bullying can happen anywhere including school, work, home, online or via text messaging or email.

If you are being bullied you may feel:

guilty because you think it is your fault,
hopeless, because you do not know how to get out,
alone with no one to help you,
depressed and rejected by others,
unsafe and afraid,
confused and stressed,
ashamed that it is happening.

Bullying can affect your mental health at any age. It can lead to loneliness, worry, and depression.

People bullied in the workplace have a higher risk of depression and thoughts of suicide.

Remember you have the right to feel safe and be treated with fairness and respect.

Bullying can be:

physical, such as assaulting, poking, tripping and pushing,
verbal, such as name calling, insults or abuse,
social, such as lying, spreading rumours and deliberately excluding,
psychological such as threatening, manipulating or stalking,
computer generated on email, mobile phones and networking sites.

Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe work place and a duty to care for your health.

Comment: In reading this report by Dr Uma, I felt that someone had walked over my grave. The bullying I have experienced at the hands of the gay, lesbian and paedophile advisors is all here.

I suffered the following hate from bullies Cox, Watson, Walker, Jackson, Barter and Judas priest in opposition to Positive Living:

Remove Family and Faith from Positive Living !! (Cox & Watson)
intellectually incapable of understanding HIV/AIDS, (Jude)
a wife basher and child molester, (Cox)
attacked Linda and burned her with a hot iron, (Jude)
forced into the apartment of Cox to use her computer, (Cox)
broke into her office and stole files,(Cox)
stole Positive Living message from AusAID advisors, (Cox)
You should be in gaol ( Walker)
You have abused LInda and your daughters (Walker)
sexually abused your daughters, (Cox)
You are banned from the AIDS building, white trash (gay boy)
demented, full blown AIDS, killed women, (cyberstalker - Nalu)
sent sexually abusive emails to women (cyberstalker - Nalu))
sexually abused a boy and girl at 3 Angels Care, ( Momo)
promoted a false message of Positive Living, (Watson)
killed Linda and son with violence. (Momo)
my friend will put a knife in your guts. (Momo)
daughters to be taken into care for sexual abuse, (Barter)
deportation to take place. (Barter)
no idea of medical matters (Jackson)
defames people who are working hard (Jackson)

I have been humiliated by false reports on social media, threatened with death, banned from the AIDS building, banned from all funding from the UN and AusAID, evicted from meetings with reasons explained to meeting, knocked unconscious from behind, bashed with an iron bar and kicked in the body.

These creeps work on the basis that if the same lies are told over and over with other people expanding on those lies, then lies become truth and innocent people become guilty. I have two lovely daughters I am supposed to have sexually abused. 

A recent report in the media stated that paedophile activity among PNG men is on the rise. Grassroots men are going to gaol. Yet two of the bullies above are paedophile and spent their lives ripping and tearing the anuses of boys. They bullied AIDS Holistics to silence all reference to paedophile sex. It helps to be a millionaire with political influence.

Another is a lesbian paedophile who specialized in adopting young women who slept in her house. She was most vocal that I abused my daughters. It was a diversionary tactic to hide her little girls in her apartment.

The paedophiles defame me that I have molested my daughters who love me dearly. We all look after one another. They are my best friends on the planet. They gave me a rose on Mother's day this year. Please click:

a rose for dad on mothers' day - family positive living - aids ...
May 10, 2015 - They said that their dad had been their mother and father all their lives after their mother ran off. So over recent years, they have given their dad .

I am nothing like the hate bullies have painted me. I am a gentle, loving and intellectual man who has committed himself to helping the nation and other nations with a positive message of health. God knows. 

Hitler used the same technique with the Jews. There are old German people today who went through the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s in German schools and who still hate the Jews.

Dr Ambi -You give me peace. You have a great column in The National.

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