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Over the last 12 years, there has been a steady message put out by the PNG media on healthy living or Positive Living.

All writers have generally avoided using the term Positive Living as there has been so much hate put out by opponents of the message. Some say Living Positively while others say Healthy Living. But it is all the same.

There have been care organizations that have adopted the term apart from AIDS Holistics. There is StopAIDS and World Vision.

Since 2005, there has been a steady message of health put out. AIDS Holistics started the ball rolling with Positive Living with HIV/AIDS in The National newspaper supported by editor and friend the late Yehiura Hriehwazi.

There were 120 reports in 2 years 2003-2005. Editor Frank Kolma stated that we put the AIDS message on the map. 

We were attacked by opponents of the Positive Living message with the claim that our information was all false. I have never done a job so useful in my life and been deeply hated for doing so. 

The blog PNG Attitude called our writings embarrassing rantings and ravings. Professor Toole of Burnet said that it was time to stand up against AIDS Holistics. Keith Jackson of PNG Attitude claimed that AIDS Holistics was defaming hard workers. Many of them were gay, lesbian and paedophile and running to their own agenda. Hard workers? Hardly.

We put a column in the Sunday Chronicle in 2008 that covered a whole page of several stories in English and Tok Pisin. Editor Sam Vulum came after a few months and gave me a pay rise for work well done. The next week I was sacked.

It seems that rogue reporter Tereni Kens told the owner that AIDS Holistics was working for a foreign organization that was against the welfare of the nation. He may have been a gay boy in hiding. I was sacked. He was sacked about a year ago for dubious conduct.

After I stopped writing, Tereni Kens took over as the HIV/AIDS expert with the first 3 columns full of errors. He supported fake herbalist Lansy Lapu in selling fake AIDS cures. Kens did not ever write another column after that.

Then there was a void in the media on health matters. Dr Uma Ambi filled in the gap as advisor giving advice on mental health. She has had a column in The National for over 3 years.

From that time there was silence until 2014. The media moves slowly in Papua New Guinea. Now there are doctors writing on health matters in the three newspapers.

It is good that the doctors are now writing in the media on medical matters in support of the Port Moresby General Hospital and Pacific International Hospital. 

There have been Positive Living reports on diet, diabetes, kidney damage, liver damage, effects of alcohol, lung cancer, heart disease and many more. 

Several doctors always supported our column on Positive Living. They will remain unnamed for professional reasons.

Our library is graced by several clinical books quietly given by doctor friends. They were afraid of being punished by the AusAID bullies. AIDS Holistics was the pipeline to the community.

The most useful book was edited by Professor Jenny Hoy and Sharon Lewin called HIV Management in Australasia. From that book came reports on gut parasites that attack the gut lining. 

Rogue medical institute Burnet did not contribute to this prestigious book in any way. They were leaders in the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in Papua New Guinea. Advisors opposed the Positive Living message despite being doctors who learned of healthy living as first year medical students. Director in Papua New Guinea was gay Professor Michael Toole who attacked the founder of AIDS Holistics by email giving free dignosis to all of his mental illness. He was not registered on the PNG medical list of doctors. His emails are still on file.

Please click:

HIV Management in Australasia a guide for clinical care Discounted registration to the Annual Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference hosted by ASHM Editors: Jennifer Hoy, Sharon Lewin, Jeffrey J Post, Alan Street, Suzanne Crowe (AIDS Pathogenesis and Clinical Research Program,

Now the doctors are professionally free from foreigners in their own country. The dictatorship of Australian clerks.

There was once an anonymous report on Google that claimed that I was hated by PNG doctors and I hated them. Not true. Positive Living was known as the underground message hidden from the Australian Gestapo.

In the early stages, a number of very helpful doctors allowed me to text questions to them on my mobile phone. Only one doctor refused. He was a gay doctor who would not answer a simple question and told me to make an appointment and pay the normal specialist fee. Creep. 

There was only respect from me towards the PNG doctors.  I did not ever step over the line. I left that to the AusAID gay and lesbian Gestapo.

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