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We read in the media that gay and lesbian relationships have been declared legal by the US Supreme Court. That means that the gay and lesbian same sex marriage is legal in all states of the USA.

There has been little thought expressed of the impact that all this will have on US security. The nation has put itself in danger. We can trace the issue back to World War 2.

Australians of that generation remember the US servicemen coming to Australia in droves prior to taking part in Macarthur’s island hopping against Japanese troops.

The Australian girls went crazy after the smart looking Yanks who were kind to ladies, spent money and had sex.

The Italians dropped pamphlets on the Australian soldiers in North Africa telling how their wives and girl friends were in the arms of American soldiers in Australia. Australian soldiers would say the Americans were Over-sexed, Over-paid and Over-here.

When the war was over, there were thousands of Americans in Tokyo falling in love with Japanese girls. We recall the movie Madame Butterfly.

Then during the Vietnam War, thousands of Americans regularly descended on Tokyo and Bangkok for Rest and Recreation leave. Bangkok changed into a sex capital with young girls flocking to the city from villages to meet Americans. HIV/AIDS became the backdrop to Thai society for decades.

But now the ball game has changed. The Americans are fighting in the Middle East. This is hostile territory where soldiers do not dare venture out of their fortified positions to have sex with Moslem women. They may end up captured, beheaded and killed by suicide bombers. Lesbian soldiers dare not seek sex aith Moslem women.

In previous decades, Americans left babies behind to grow up as mixed race people discriminated against.

In the Middle East, a woman would be terrified to have a mixed race baby with an American soldier as father. She would be subject to honour killing.  The child would be killed by family disgraced by a baby fathered by an infidel American.

So what is the answer? The American soldiers are still Over-sexed and Over-there. It would be better to make sex relations in-house. But there are many men and few women. Let the men have sex with men. The US military discipline starts to go on the slide.

According to US Supreme Court, every soldier has the right to a same sex partner, either civilian or military. On any military base, there could be hundreds of same sex married soldiers.

Each couple will demand a married quarter. There will be no more living in the barrack blocks with the single soldiers. The messes will be the local gay bars.

In the military there is discipline that keeps order. There is division between the ranks – officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers. This may all be destroyed over time by same sex marriage.

There are two institutions in democratic society – STATE and INDIVIDUAL. In time of war, the state takes precedence. But since the Vietnam War protests, the STATE has taken a battering. The INDIVIDUAL rights are about to swallow up military discipline.

We are aware of the fighting spirit of the American soldiers in the D-Day invasion and on the island of Okinawa.  Australian troops on the Kokoda Track had less admiration for the Americans who were mainly young inexperienced soldiers of the national guard.

Even back in those days, our fathers told us that the American soldiers were not tough but relied on comforts with close air and naval support.

The standard of fighting dropped during the Vietnam War. These were the baby boomer soldiers who were a product of the new generation of culture of “Make love not war”.

Australian soldiers in Vietnam were not in the thick of fighting of the American troops. Australians fought the Long Tan battle while Americans faced the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong at Khe Sanh and in the Tet offensive.

Discipline among the American troops was said to be lacking with fragging or the killing of officers. American troops are said to have gone on patrol smoking marijuana which could be smelt by the enemy.

Now the standard of fighting may have dropped further in the war in Afghanistan. There is greater reliance on firepower from air strikes and drones. It may be that the U.S. military is going soft.

The focus is on advising and training of the troops of the supported nation and letting them avoid the fighting.

Now the US Supreme Court has allowed same sex marriage within the military.

We read disturbing reports on Google of military chaplains to be removed if they refuse to perform gay and lesbian marriages. But such marriages require a certificate to be recognised by the military.

There is a sad possibility that same sex marriage in the military will send the US Armed forces into slow decline. The military may lose any tough edge that it may have had.

The military is a sub-culture of society with the major difference that personnel are subject to military law. There is a command hierarchy with orders given and expected to be obeyed.

Now there may come to be large numbers of gay and lesbian soldiers demanding their rights. This will run the risk of destabilizing the military.

Since the military will now become an extra attractive career venue, there may be large numbers of homosexual applicants for careers in years to come. Corrupt recruiting may accept more homosexual applicants.

This will increase over the years. Any attempt to introduce a quota will bring cries of discrimination and legal action. Gay and lesbian soldiers may respond with confrontation and demands.

There are supposed to be few variables that operate in the giving and receiving of orders.

Will gay couples be allowed to go into battle together? Will gay sailors go to sea with their gay naval partner?

Are gay soldiers mature enough not to cause confrontation with the requirements of military law?

Or will the same sex marriage bloc cause confrontation and instability within the command hierarchy? There will also be gay senior officers. At least a marriage certificate will lock couples together as the partner is to be a beneficiary in superannuation payments.

In leadership studies in the Australian Army, we are told of two leadership systems in the military. There is the formal rank structure and the informal social structure both of which work together.

With same sex marriage in the military, there is a new major structure that may operate at times in opposition to the formal command structure.

At times, both will be in conflict. Gay and lesbian soldiers may be supported by industrial action. They will demand a Directorate of Gender Equality with authority outside the command structure.

This may get worse year by year and be supported by hostile forces working against the nation. There is a standard tactic of combat that involves finding and attacking the weak points.

It will not end. The military same sex marriage issue is part of a wider campaign of activists in the community.

There will be increased pressure on the other target areas of Education, Law, Welfare and Health.

Let us hope that the State Courts and Supreme Court have not been infiltrated. The problem is that both the gay sex and anti-gay sex judges have to disqualify themselves. But they can not and do not. There is no common ground whatever.

No-one is fit to make the judgment. There is no intellectual and professional depth in one side getting to make the judgment first.

Our children are entering a different world which will now be telling them that they have valid options of straight or homosexual marriage. They will be told that parents are to be ignored along with faith of their forefathers.

Family and Faith are said to be irrelevant. But the United States must not be taken as the leader of world morality. Barak Obama is the leader of the moral decline of the United States. He is so proud.

Parents have no rights. American teachers now have the right to promote gay and lesbian sex in schools to young children. They can ignore the objections of parents. The Constitution gives them rights. The world is being polarized with Obama leading the gay and lesbian bloc.

American people believe that the US Constitution gave every person the right to bear arms.The original plan was to defend the family and neighbourhood from hordes of communists. Now that has gone from the agenda. Arms are now to defend against Moslem extremists.

The new enemy may well be the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists determined to take the children away from family. That is a more real possibility than all the communists and Moslems on the planet.

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