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There is a report below that points out that children need not be harmed by paedophile sex. The point is made that many children have positive feelings for the paedophile man or women who befriends them. Please click:

Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light - The Guardian › Society › Child protection

Jan 3, 2013 - The Sex Offenders Act 1997 defined paedophilia as a sexual ...

significant events in a person's life, a sexually abusive event, a bullying environment …... 

a sample of boys in paedophilla

Case study 1: It all comes down to the grooming of the child. A paedophile man may make friends with a woman who is widow or divorced and a small boy who needs a dad. The man may be the Scout Master who notices a lonely child in the troop and makes sure he befriends the mother.

He offers to keep an eye on the boy in the troop. Both become friends and the suggestion is made that he takes the boy fishing and has the boy call him Uncle John. They go fishing every weekend. He takes the boy into town and buys him a fishing rod.

On the weekend they drive to the river and set up a tent before fishing all afternoon. The boy is so happy. At night, they cook fish, sing, talk and go to bed.

They snuggle up together and the man lovingly lies beside him and strokes the boy’s penis. He talks soothingly and slowly masturbates him.  He so gently puts his own penis into the boy’s anus. On the next trip, the same happens again and the boy is allowed to hold Uncle John’s penis. At last he has a dad who makes him feel special.

Case Study 2:  Many years ago, I was told a story by a policeman friend in a small Victoria town. There was a couple who lived with their son. There was a family friend who would come to the house and would treat the boy well. They would go out for trips together.

But the parents noticed that the boy was not happy and told this to the friend who stopped coming. Years passed and the boy was a young man who lived away from his parents. One day he came back to the house to find the old family friend was visiting.

The young man screamed at him. He grabbed him as he sat in the lounge chair and threw him out the door and down the stairs. He shouted at him that he was not going to let him fuck his arse any more.

The parents were horrified and ashamed when they realised what was going on. They had allowed their little boy to be taken every weekend by a paedophile pretending to be a family friend.

Case Study 3. There was a report on Google that I will find again about a boy who was sexually abused by a Scout Master. The years passed and the boy became a man. One day the boy met the Scout Master again this time an old man. He killed him. Open Scoutmaster paedophile molesting boys. on Google.

Children are brought to sex with paedophiles by kindness, love, caring, gifts, trips to town, hugs, kisses, swimming and watching videos. This is called grooming followed by sexual touching.

There is now pressure for gay and lesbian sex to be introduced to school curriculum. The teachers involved may well be paedophile and working to a hidden agenda. Such information may called official grooming. The teacher told us that anal sex is beautiful. It must be true. Please click:

School boys groomed by paedophile teachers - Emirates 24|7
Mar 3, 2015 - School boys groomed by paedophile teachers. Prime minister Gough 
Whitlam and Hollywood star Hugh Jackman were ex-pupils. By. AFP

Pedophile headmaster, teacher at elite Hobart school fled to ...
Nov 25, 2014 - TWO paedophile senior teachers at an elite Hobart boys' school fled the country after being informed they would be arrested, a Royal .

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