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There have been much we learned in Papua New Guinea in the first 12 years of the HIV/AIDS campaign. The first is never to trust advisors of the United Nations and Australian AID. They have their own sexual  agenda to force on the community.

The second is never to set up a live-in care centre for PLWHA. What if these people live for 30 more years with antiretroviral drugs and are in employment receiving a wage? They should be with family.

Does that mean that the tax payer has to fund live-in accommodation with free rental, power, water and food for the next 30 years. What a great life. We should all be HIV positive.

When I met Joe Lari in 2004, he had his problems as I had mine. He had a care centre 3 Angels Care at East Boroko in Port Moresby. I was being harassed by gay Australian advisors trying to kill the Positive Living message.

Joe and I planned to set up a Positive Living Training Centre for people with HIV/AIDS and take people in for 2 weeks to counsel them and help them to live by Positive Living.

But the Australian lesbian advisors found out and had secretly told the people at 3 Angels Care that the Positive Living Training centre was not acceptable to AusAID. They were told they could be funded to live there permanently with taxpayer’s money if they stopped the Training Centre.

Joe wanted me to move in as caretaker but I had other commitments. There was trouble at the centre that Joe could not handle. There was drunkenness, prostitution and violence. The verandah was often covered in empty beer bottles.

Margaret Marabe was HIV positive and made herself boss ruling the centre with a long bladed kitchen knife. She was the prostitute and brought men in late at night. Joe had evicted her twice but she refused to go.

I finally offered to go on a trial basis with my children. That was not a wise move. The key troublemakers told me I was not welcome as this was not an AIDS centre any more but their private accommodation. They claimed to have been allowed to stay by the AusAID advisors.

Besides, they told me I was especially not welcome as I was a violent wife beating child molester. They were part of the Australian lesbian conspiracy to stop the Positive Living Training Centre.

I was given a month to leave. During that time, I witnessed horrific violence. Each woman staying at the centre had brought a man to live with them.

Each man was violent drunk who would bash the woman on a daily basis. So from the point of view of Joe Lari and me, this was not a Positive Living centre at all. I wanted to leave.

Each man staying illegally at the centre had tried to force me to leave. Sandy’s boyfriend had told me to be out that night. I was taking my daughters to safety when he intercepted us in the dark and hit me with something.

I was unconscious on the road and came to about half an hour later to find my two daughters crying and sitting with me, afraid that I was dead.

I reported the matter to the Kila Kila police and the matter was taken down by an AFP officer but no action was taken. The AFP officer had declared that the girls of 7 and 6 years old were too young to testify as witnesses.

Then I was bashed with an iron rod by Elaripe’s boy friend. My daughter Rachael said he came up behind me with an iron rod and hit me. Then he kicked me in the body as I lay on the ground. I did not want to respond with violence. That would be exactly what they wanted.

One night my daughters were having a shower. The bathroom was large with 3 shower cubicles. They were afraid of the illegal men at the centre coming in and molesting them. So I would sit in the shower room on a long bench and wait for my 7 and 6 year old daughters.

One night the PLWHA creeps got into their heads that this was the chance to pin child molesting on me. They burst in and demanded custody of the girls.

They would have me arrested the next day. I still hear a voice “He has molested PNG women. Kill him”. But it never happened. I told them there would be violence if they touched my daughters. I had an iron bar in my room. The accusation died.

The last attempt was to have me killed on the accusation of molesting Marabe’s son. I was dragged before a kangaroo court escorted by village men with bush knives. They said if I tried to escape, they would cut me up. 

I told Joe Lari that I was leaving. I did not want my daughters to live in such a low class environment. But the problem solved itself. One night Elaripe’s boy friend came back drunk and angry that his family said he was HIV positive.

Stupid boy. What did he expect? Elaripe was HIV + and he was having sex with his cousin's wife..

He demanded to come into the room but she refused. So he found an axe and smashed the door down. Can you imagine any person staying at a guest house and smashing a door down? Joe evicted us all.

He wanted me to stay to care for the empty care centre. But the criminal PLWHA told him that they would burn the centre down if I did not leave too.
This was all the work of fat, ugly 120 kg AusAID lesbian frump Sharon Walker who told these people that AusAID does not support Positive Living and would not fund a Training Centre. It was more that the lesbian advisors did not want a family approach.

Funding had stopped and would only start again when they had removed Copeland. Besides he was a violent wife basher and child molester. All men at the centre were bashers. I was the only one who was not.

They all ended up in the street. All had rejected their families but blamed their families. I have no sympathy for any of them.

Elaripe works for I Gat Hope and has a habit of making false statements in the media about the Government running out of ARV drugs.

Marabe had a recent report in the media about wanting funding to set up a Positive Living care centre in Hela province. The violent prostitute with a long bladed knife wants to care for people and be given a house to steal.

Momo is probably living under a tree somewhere. With all his smoking and boozing, he may be under the ground.

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