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Gay, lesbian and women’s rights have little relevance to people dying with HIV/AIDS with no access to antiretroviral drugs. There are still thousands of them in rural Papua New Guinea and the world.

Yet in the period 2001 -2007, the Australian Howard liberal Government spent millions of kina not helping HIV infected people.

Funding was poured into a group of homosexual activists who diverted the message of support to gay, lesbian and paedophile rights, led by the gay medical organization Burnet.

Australian unqualified gays and lesbians received $250,000 tax free with apartment and car with all the boys and girls they wanted.

Those who went from AusAID to the UN would be millionaires today and have never given one scrap of HIV/AIDS advice. They are too busy with gay and lesbian rights and same sex marriage.

Cox and Watson were teachers and spearheaded a campaign they knew nothing about. That is one reason why the focus changed from helping sick people to promoting women’s rights together with gay and lesbian rights.

There was no advice given to infected people except to use a condom. I am very ill with HIV and losing weight. What will I do? Use a condom.

The homosexual cohort brought condoms into PNG by the truck load. The AIDS message was to have free sex but use a condom when you ‘koap’.

The Positive Living advice was left to AIDS Holistics that had been banned by the corrupt Australian advisors.

Our message had a focus on family which reduced the impact of the gay and lesbian message. It was Positive Living Vs Paedophile Living.

Positive Living remains the key message in the world. It is not solely the message of AIDS Holistics. It was a major topic at the Chiangmai HIV/AIDS conference in 2002.

Our key nation of readers includes Papua New Guinea, Russia, USA, Australia, China, Germany and Ukraine.

But we polished and expanded the message with a focus on the attack of the virus on the gut lining. That is the epicentre of the nutritional response to the virus.

Let the Paedophile Living message be sponsored somewhere else. The key world message for HIV/AIDS is Positive Living. Type the word into Google.

The founder of AIDS Holistics has the habit of being 10 years ahead of the rest in areas that he has focused on in Health and Education. Doctors have the knowledge but some are only now putting advice in media print.

In 2002, there was a plan to set up a Care and Counselling Committee to include all care groups. The meeting was held attended by care group representatives including the founder of AIDS Holistics.

When the lesbian Chairperson saw him, she called the security guards to eject him from the meeting. She explained to the remaining group that AIDS Holistics had a banned message and that the founder was a violent child molester and wife beater. Many of the remaining group did not believe her.

The founder had been writing to the newspapers of the importance of family love and caring with peace, nutritious food, water and exercise. But the AusAID paedophiles did not want that. Nor did the UN and IEA, both run by paedophile activists.

After struggling since 2002 against the vicious Australian homosexual advisors, the Positive Living approach has hit the PNG newspapers. Each week now the three PNG newspapers publish a report on healthy living.

It is Positive Living with a focus on the blood system, nervous system, reproductive system, cancer, nutrition, clean water, exercise, peace, fruit, vegetables and many others to come.

We are starting to include the doctors’ reports on our blog here, giving our blog at least five times the power. We posted a report on kidney stones. The last report to be posted next week will be on diabetes. Please click:

  1. kidney stones a lifestyle disease - family positive living - aids ...
    Apr 29, 2015 - KIDNEY STONES A LIFESTYLE DISEASE ... It is estimated that one person in ten will have a kidney stone at some time .... Powered by Blogger
So now after 13 years, the original care groups have gone. The AusAID paedophiles have given up their opposition to the family focus. All that is left now is the banned message ......... Positive Living.

No funding has ever come to AIDS Holistics in 13 years from the paedophile AusAID and UN. The campaign has cost the founder about K80,000 of his own money.

On the subject of violence, type gay lesbian domestic violence into Google.

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