Saturday, 6 June 2015


People of PNG do not know of the greatest corruption ever that occurred in this country with the National HIV/AIDS campaign. 

It was at the hands of incompetent vicious Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles, determined to hijack the campaign at public expense and turn it into a campaign for gay and lesbian rights. They had no idea of the AIDS virus but became experts on the violence of all men towards women.

Their main contribution was to oversee the distribution of condoms by the truck load. Someone made a fortune in the manufacture and sale of condoms. Churches were bullied to make distribution in their care centres, particularly the Seventh Day Adventists, Catholic church and Salvation Army.

These advisors were supposed to advise but took control away from the Directors of the National HIV/AIDS Council Secretariat who were afraid to make them angry. The key bullies were homosexual predators Elizabeth Cox and Stewart Watson who moved quickly on to be the bullies of the United Nations.

They controlled employment and made sure that they favoured gay and lesbian men and women. Before the end of their contracts, advisors set up their own consultancies that enabled them to return with their networks already set up.

They worked to destroy the only valid message of Positive Living and to damage the reputation of the founder who they told the community was a violent child molesting wife beater. How best to destroy the family message? Please click:

a rose for dad on mothers' day - family positive living - aids ...
May 10, 2015 - A ROSE FOR DAD ON MOTHERSDAY. This Sunday was Mothers'Day. My two daughters 18 yrs and 17 yrs gave their dad a rose on Mothers' 

Watson boasted that he had AIDS Holistics banned in the Department of Labour, Foreign Affairs and United Nations. for putting out a false message. He was an English teacher before being skyrocketed into AusAID. But he was a gay and that was all that mattered.

But the Positive Living message is all that remains and the corrupt gays, lesbians and paedophiles have gone, some to work for the United Nations. Predator Watson of UNAIDS told the community in recent years not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. That is the paedophile agenda in a nutshell.

Many were cleaned out by Prime Minister Kevan Rudd. Corruption remains at the hands of the UN. Even the PNG media is taking up a weekly focus on Positive Living and Health. The cover health report in the Sunday Chronicle today is diabetes.

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