Sunday, 28 June 2015


Dr Thomas Vinit  Post Courier 29 June 2015

Dengue fever is a vey serious arboviral disease that can lead to severe haemmorhagia fever and possible death.

I do not know if the NDoH or NCDC have informed the public, but we have some confirmed cases in Port Moresby and are managing them.

This disease is spread like malaria by mosquitoes but by different species which are common brown mosquitoes that bite us.

I urge all citizens to clean your areas and remove all tins and coconut shells that hold water. We do not want to breed more of these pests.

Cut tall grass and bushy dark areas where they breed near your house. Do this to prevent contracting dengue. Make our city clean to show our Pacific neighbours coming to the games.

Arboviral (short for arthropod born) diseases are caused by arboviruses tht are spread to people by a bite from an infected arthropod including mosquitoes and ticks.

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