Wednesday, 3 June 2015


This country has suffered turmoil and disruption from cult groups in schools involved in fights with other schools which teachers have been unable to stop. This has happened mainly in the Morobe Province in Lae.

The fights seem to be never ending. Now the Government has come up with a new plan. Any student who is identified by the school as involved in fights will be banned from university entrance.

That should slow the fighting down. It seems that the fighting is between ten cent school raskols showing they are as good as tribal men.

Let them graduate to nothing for the disruption they have caused and interruption to study of other students. Gaol should be a good place for the ringleaders. The only problem is that the fighters are not at the top of the academic cake. They fight rather than study.

The values of education achievement are being turned upside down. The real men among the students are at the bottom of the academic scale for the school. The high academic achievers are the school nerds who hide when the fighting is on.

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