Monday, 8 June 2015


Over the years from 2002-2006, there was zero friendship between the founder of AIDS Holistics and the paedophile AusAID activists who infested the AIDS building. Once the Positive Living message became well known in the community the paedophiles became vicious.

Watson and Cox came up with a story that I was to be banned from the AIDS building as I had been going through their files and stealing the Positive Living message. That is as silly as the movie about the boy who stole the lightning bolt from the gods.

So I was banned. If I came to the building, I was blocked by the security guards. One day in 2006, I had reason to go to the AIDS building and walked to the second floor. I asked a young man to tell me where a certain office was.

He screamed at me that I was banned from the building. He spoke on the phone to the securities below that they should come up and evict a white trash from his office. They came and manhandled me down the stairs followed by the gay boy who had phoned them.

There was so much noise that people came out of their offices and stood in the corridor as I was pushed through them. The gay boy stepped forward, opened the door, shouting at me “and don’t come back white trash”.

This was a 23 year old gay boy addressing the senior expert on Positive Living then and now. I stepped forward and put my fist in his face. Blood poured from his nose. He screamed like a girl, shouting to the security guards to call the police as he had been assaulted.

An advisor arrived and suggested that I wait in a nearby office while the matter was discussed with the gay boy. Twenty minutes later I was advised that no further action would be taken.

After that a decision was made in the bowels of the AIDS building that I was not banned. A year later the gay boy was employed with my friends at the Department for Community Development and was as quiet as a mouse.

The paedophiles Cox and Watson claimed I had stolen the Positive Living message from their files. But they never raised the subject of Positive Living ever. The poor dears probably had no duplicates in their files........ Liars.

Watson has never raised Positive Living as Head of UNAIDS in PNG. He is too busy telling the community that FAMILY and FAITH have no place in modern society. Paedophile creep.

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