Sunday, 21 June 2015


I have two beautiful daughters 18 and 17 years old. They had a crazy violent mother who left us when the children were babies. I looked after Rachael the elder while the mother breast fed Lisa. In 2001, I took the mother to National Court for custody.

I was given custody of Rachael while the mother retained Lisa on the breast. There was no mention of my violence and child molesting in Court. Even Linda came and told the Court I was a good and kind man. So much for having bashed her, according to criminal AusAID lesbian Elizabeth Cox.

I gave maintenance money to the mother for Lisa. But after two years of giving money, I found that the mother was having problems with an uncle who wanted to take Lisa to the village.

I offered to keep giving her maintenance money while she gave me the kid. That went on for 8 years. My younger daughter is now 17 years old.

Then I started having problems with the AIDS awareness message of Positive Living at the hands of the AusAID paedophile lesbians. Cox the criminal started a story that I was not fit to promote family Positive Living because I abused my own family.

I molested my daughters. The lesbians ignored national sovereignty by bullying the national care groups and the National AIDS Council. They bullied me and that is where they came to grief.

They wanted to kill all aspects of Positive Living supported by criminal Medical organization Burnet that promoted a gay and lesbian agenda.

Burnet was a medical organization with many doctors yet they opposed a health message of peace, love, friendship, work, relaxation, exercise, sleep, water, sunshine, fruit, vegetables and lean meat.

There was freedom from violence, fear, infection, rejection, starvation, suffocation, alcohol, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs.

The medical ethics of the lesbian doctors were in their knickers. They ignored the need to advise people suffering from HIV/AIDS on how to live a healthy life. That became the task of AIDS Holistics then and now.

When I came to be the caretaker of 3 Angels Care, I received the full hate blast of the AusAID criminal lesbians who had passed the fake report of my violence and child abuse to the PLWHA with the threat that the Positive Living Training Centre has to be buried or funding would stop.

The Australian advisors were supporting corruption in breaching the plan of the owner of 3 Angel Care to set up a Positive Living Training Centre. He was forced to accept a group of violent, boozing PLWHA to live at the centre on Australian tax payers’ money permanently.

Over a three month period of my stay, I was accused of sexually molesting four children at the centre. It was all fake but designed to intimidate and remove me.

After the last accusation that crashed badly, a new player came into the game. My daughters’ mother had come from the village and visited the centre every second Thursday to collect her maintenance money.

One day towards the end of the hate campaign, she arrived and was taken aside by Marabe and Elaripe to be told information that would make her angry.

Rosa, we have to tell you that your daughters’ father has been sexually abusing them. We have proof that he has been doing that at night. They expected her to go wild and tell them he had been doing that for years.

Rosa replied that she had been told of what they have been saying. She said that they were liars. My daughters’ father is a good man. He has cared for my daughters all their lives.

She said that they are never to say that again. Do you hear? If I hear that you are saying that from now on, I will come to the centre with my daughters’ uncles. They will bring bush knives and straighten the thinking of all of you here. Do you hear?

Yupela i no ken tok olsem. Yupela i harim? Sapos mi harim tok bilong yupela gen, bai mi kam bek wantaim ol uncle bilong tupela gel. Ol bai karim busnaip na stretim tingting bilong yupela. Yupela i harim?

It appears that my little daughters had been talking to their mother. All talk of child molesting went silent, then and now. Even the AusAID 120 kg of ugly fat, frump, bully advisor Sharon Walker went silent.

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