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Counselling Centre of the Seventh Day Adventist Church 11 June 2015

The fact is that the person who happens to be Mr or Mrs Right may not be as perfect as he or she is deemed in one’s desire.

A young man may look for a young woman who:

recognizes God, faith and prayer, accepts and treats his parents, brothers and sisters well,

knows how to take care of home affairs,

understands the work she is doing and supports,

is creative and industrious,

knows how to handle finance,

is respectful to others, and

has patience and does not nag.

A young woman may want to look for a young man who:

is spiritual and reflects Godliness,

accepts her parents, brothers and sisters and supports them,

is genuine and true,

is honest and faithful in the relationship,

considers the home as priority,

meets the basic needs of the home,

helps the house hold chores and does manly duties,

is patient, kind and loving,

does not compare her with others,

is not overpowering and over controlling, and

considers her decisions.


For any marriage or family support contact:

Pastor Simon Vetali

Family Life Director

Central Papua Conference of the SDA Church

Phone 3211022

Digicel: 728 16264


Do you know the quote from Scripture that it is better to sit in the lowest seat and be taken to the higher seat? I think of that when I think of my friend Pr. Simon Vetali.

Years ago, I attended the Seventh Day Adventist Family Crusade in Jack Pidik Park with my small daughter Lisa. We came late and sat down the back. 

Pastor Vetali arrived and walked towards the stage. He saw us at the back. He took us up and sat us in the reserved section with all the best seats.
There was an event that I will never forget. A man came on stage with his wife and seven children, ranging in age from 16 years to a small baby.

He introduced his family to the audience and told us his responsibilities in the family. Then his wife came and told of her responsibilities.

That was followed by his 17 year old son, his 16 year old daughter and down the family to a small child of 6 years old. The youngest child said she helps mummy, looks after her baby brother and tidies her room.

The oldest son and daughter do shopping, look after the brothers and sisters, help with family Bible study and do washing and cooking. No one talked of their rights. They all knew their rights.

It is all about Family Positive Living. Please click:

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