Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Having been the most long term volunteer worker in the PNG National HIV/AIDS Response over 15 years, may I venture the view that I would be a top Director of the National AIDS Council Secretariat?

I would put all the hate and violence behind and look forward to a positive future for all citizens in families and communities.

I have had depth of experience as a teacher of Biology and Physiology in high schools.  I was an AIDS carer for Linda and our son.

I served as caretaker for the Positive Living Training Centre brutally destroyed by AusAID advisors. I promoted Positive Living for all infected with HIV and TB.

As Director, I would be skilled, experienced and committed to:

stand against bullying by overseas advisors,
have stakeholders base their work on Positive Living,
support all sexuality in the community,
ensure accuracy in all reporting across the nation,
promote family as the key to AIDS support,
bring nation to AIDS awareness self reliance,
teach all workers the physiology of HIV/AIDS,
ensure ongoing supply of ARV drugs to HIV sufferers,
extend availability of ARV across the community,
stop corruption in consultancy and recruitment,
visit all provinces and check awareness programs, and
ensure high training standards across the nation.

If that should happen, then all of the suffering and hate of the last decade will not have been for nothing.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt
Major - Australian Army (retired)
Director of AIDS Holistics
Founder of PNG Positive Living.

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