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Over the last 15 years, AIDS Holistics has promoted Positive Living for the healthy lifestyle of all, primarily for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

But the message applies to all people for the lifestyle sicknesses that they may suffer.

Positive Living is a long term lifestyle for us all. It can protect us from cancer, diabetes 2, heart disease, damaged kidneys and liver, gout and many more.

It is not a lifestyle that we take up when we are on the verge of death. It is not necessarily a cure once we are inflicted with some disease.

We cannot stop smoking as our lungs collapse with emphysema and expect that all will be well. Heart attacks may not cease if we stop a diet of fat. Diabetes will be with us despite reduced consumption of sugar.

Positive Living will help us to live long if we are infected with HIV/AIDS. This is a complicated matter as sufferers may be (1) slow progressors (2) fast progressors or (3) non-progressors.

What produces this condition? Does a long term Positive Living lifestyle strengthen the immune system and slow HIV progression? How does Positive Living slow down a fast progressor?

A sufferer with HIV/AIDS not on ARV drugs can live for 12 years or more. There was a woman Ruth who lived in Port Moresby and died after 18 years of infection without ARV.

Was she following Positive Living or a slow progressor? It may have been a combination of both. A slow progressor must not go back to smoking, boozing and eating rubbish food. All will not be well.

There have been foolish and corrupt Australian advisors who opposed our Positive Living message in Papua New Guinea for their own self interest.

They told people that it was a false message. Does this mean that all doctors are accomplices in a false message?

In The National newspaper today 15 June P.21. there was a report from the University of Wollongong in Australia that 65% of Australian workers had moderate to high stress with high cholesterol, physical inactivity, psychological distress, smoking and obesity. Obviously a fake message.(joke).

If we examine the AIDS Holistics Positive Living check-list we find corresponding factors – peace, hope, love, family, friends, work, sleep, exercise, clean water, fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat, with freedom from stress, violence, discrimination, tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, homebrew and drugs.

Corrupt critics in PNG had nothing else to offer and no hope to give HIV sufferers. There was a Catholic priest who deeply opposed Positive Living and lied and cheated to crush the message.

Forgive me dear Catholics for saying that he may have wanted Positive Living to include holy water, confession, communion and holy rosary. Or perhaps he just wanted to kick a Catholic lay person off turf he believed belonged to him.

The church existed on a different plane. Positive Living is meant for all believers and non-believers.

This corrupt and satanic priest supported the corrupt Australian gay and lesbian advisors in the National HIV/AIDS response in PNG.

They wanted a different Positive Living agenda that included sex for all, condoms, same-sex marriage and family and faith removed from society.

Adoption of children by gays and lesbians to be legal, age of consent lowered or removed for children with women and children to have rights but no responsibilities. They had no message for people infected with HIV/AIDS which was what they were paid for. Bastards.

The priest should have opposed that agenda rather than oppose our health message. He was a priestly misfit. God would have wanted his servant to do that.

So the message for all is the advice that all doctors will give. Papua New Guinea has a check-list for a broad healthy lifestyle. Much of our information came from the Chiangmai HIV/AIDS conference in 2002.

Australian lesbian predator Cox went to the Chiangmai conference but brought no Positive Living message back. It was the enemy message that supported FAMILY and FAITH. The Satan priest supported her in destroying the Positive Living message being put forward by a fellow Catholic.

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